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Cyberstrux Services

Cyberstrux offers a full range of web solutions. Below is a general listing of services offered. If you are interested in something that you do not see or if you have any question, feel free to ask us in person!

Full Webmaster Services - Let us build your site and then keep us on as a full time webmaster to maintain, improve and update your site as your online presence develops and grows. We work closely with you, providing consultation and professional advice to get you and your online presence where it needs to be!

Shared Web Hosting - Need a website? Our shared hosting plans offer web hosting at a cost suitable for beginners and gives you the needed space and available tools to get a jump start on your internet adventures.

Dedicated Web Hosting - For the serious and experienced internet entrepreneur. An entire server that's all your's. Not only does a dedicated web server free you from the risks that accompany hosting in shared server environment, but you also have the ability to custom configure your server how you like to meet your specific needs. If you want, you can even use your dedicated server to start your own hosting company!

Colocation Services - When your ready to own your own equipment and have a solution that's completely custom tailored to your needs, colocation may be the way to go. Let Cyberstrux build and manage any colocation setup you may need. Contact us for for information.

Full Email Service & Support - Cyberstrux can provide email solutions to fit your needs. Whether you need to basic email setup for your domain or a full exchange server, Cyberstrux can make it happen. Not only do we deliver email solutions, but we also provide full U.S. based support for those solutions.

Shared Web Hosting w/ development - A complete package for people who are new to the internet! Not only do we provide you with a solid foundation to start your web adventure, but we also design and develop your site for you! Just sit back and let the pros do the work for you!

Dedicated Web Hosting w/development & administration - Our most comprehensive and complete package. We provide you with a dedicated web server that is all your own, we design and develop your site for your (if need be) and we provide you with a dedicated server administrator! Your server administrator works to keep your server in perfect working order at all times, to troubleshoot any technical issues you may encounter and, most importantly, to keep your server free from security breaches and attacks by continuously applying the latest software security patches and upgrades in accordance with Redhat's very own recommendations as they are posted! Try to find a package like this elsewhere. You'll be hard pressed.

Scripting Services - Need custom scripting to make your website work magic? Contact a Cyberstrux representative and let us take care of it!

Developer Contracting - Are you a web developer who needs help with scripting or server administration? Often times web developers with their own customers may be in need of a script that's beyond their normal abilities and that's where Cyberstrux comes in. You can sub-contract Cyberstrux for any number of scripting and server administration needs. Just let us know!

General Website Development - Get a site built to your specifications. No site too small. No site too big.

Graphic Design Services - Let us design your corporate or private logo or simply use us to obtain quality graphics for a site you maintain.



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